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If your car has alloy wheels then it almost certainly has a locking wheel nut on each wheel.  These are to prevent your wheels being stolen.  If you have a locking wheel nut on each wheel then you will need a locking wheel nut key to remove take it off. 

Locking wheel nut keys can easily be damaged or lost and if this happens you will need to have the locking nut removed without the key.  Very often it only comes to light that the key is damaged or lost when we get there to change your tyre.  A lost locking nut key will often turn up in the boot, under the spare wheel, in a box or bag in the glove compartment, under the seats or in the pockets in the back of your front seats.  But if the key is definitely lost we can remove them.  We do not smash them off with a chisel or try to drill them out as this is an easy way to damage your wheel. 

We have specialist locking nut removal tools which can remove your locking wheel nut quickly, easily and with no damage to your wheel, enabling us to change your tyre or repair your puncture and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.  Please call us on 07541291883 or use the 'CONTACT US' tab to chat further about having your locking wheel nuts removed.

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