The importance of correct tyre pressure

Tyre pressure, which is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) or BAR pressure, is a measurement to show how much air has been pumped into your tyre.

There are many different tyres that are sold in the UK, it doesn’t matter whether you have cheap or high end premium tyres, the performance and efficiency of any tyre depends on whether the correct pressure is maintained.

Failure to maintain the correct pressure can alter how your vehicle handles corners, increase the braking distance and increase fuel consumption but most importantly it will impact yours and your passengers safety.

You should check the pressure on all tyres monthly, including the spare and before making any long-distance journeys.
If you are unsure how to check your tyre pressure Time Saver Tyres, Wigan can carry out a tyre check for you, just call 07541291883 to book in your vehicle.

Tyre Inflation

When your vehicles tyre pressure is too high or too low this can cause under-inflation and over-inflation. Both can cause problems and affect the contact that your tyres have with the road.
The illustration below shows how changes in tyre pressure can reduce contact with the road surface:

Time Saver Tyres Image

Under Inflation

Tyre pressure can reduce over time so it is important that you check this regularly to avoid under-inflation. This can cause uneven contact with the road surface and left for a long time can cause wear to the inside and outside edges of the tyre tread resulting in reduced tyre lifespan.
Low tyre pressure can also reduce fuel efficiency leading to increased rolling resistance where energy is lost due to reduced road surface contact.

Over Inflation

Putting too much air in your tyres causes increased wear across the centre of the tyre tread, this is due to the tyre having a much smaller contact patch with the road surface.  
Over-inflation can lead to loss of tyre traction, increased braking distances and decreased handling so it is very important that you inflate your tyres to the correct pressure.

How to check your tyre pressure

Checking tyre pressures is easy, this can be done from most petrol stations or using a tyre pressure gauge at home.

Vehicles come in all different sizes and therefore will require different tyre pressures. You can find the correct pressure in your vehicle’s handbook, if you don’t have this to hand these are sometimes stamped in the sill of the driver’s door or inside the fuel cap.

Tyre pressure should be checked when the tyres are cold or when only a small journey of less than 2miles has been carried out, any more than this and it is recommended that 4-5 psi is added to the recommended pressure.

You should also consider any additional weight as a fully loaded vehicle will require more pressure than if you just drive the car yourself with no passengers. You can refer to your vehicle handbook for further guidance on this.

Alternatively, Time Saver Tyres, Wigan can check your tyre pressure for you.

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